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Whether you are a lifetime advocate or new to our cause, we invite you to join us. Donations to the Stengel Field Foundation will go directly to help rebuild the stadium and cover ongoing maintenance. We welcome any volunteers to help our cause.

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Save Stengel

The historic landmark, Stengel Field, has suffered significant water damage to the stadium, which has been condemned since 2011. Blocked by a chain-link fence, the first three rows are now the only remaining seats in the stadium. The public restrooms, two locker rooms, and concession stand were also closed. The stadium was built in the 40's and desperately needs rebuilding. Stengel Stadium is scheduled for demolition this winter. We need your help and support to rebuild and restore this great American Ballpark, to continue the legacy of Casey Stengel and to once again fill the stands of Stengel Field.

About Stengel Field

Stengel Field has been a staple in the community of Glendale and the foothills since 1949. The field was named after famous Glendale resident, Casey Stengel, who frequented the ballpark. Stengel was a former Major League player and is best known for his career as coach of the New York Yankees. Stengel is tied for most World Series wins as a manager. Currently Stengel Field is used by Glendale Community College, Crescenta Valley High School, and several youth teams.